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Windows 10 is the most recent version of Microsoft Windows operating systems and contains every capability of running all types of Pogo games smoothly. In spite of having Windows 10 computer, if you are unable to play Pogo games, then run a compatibility test through http://blog.pogo.com/faqs1/?site=pogo and look for additional problems, that may cause you disruption in playing online. Sometimes you cannot even guess what a trouble like can be: your antivirus or anti malware protection can also create hurdles or outdated Windows 10 can also be a big reason behind problems. If you have already run a compatibility scan and have found the cause, then you can eliminate that yourself or you can also take help from Pogo Customer Support people and let them help you to fix that.

pogo technical support number


Choose the correct web-browser-Microsoft Windows 10 has a new web-browser “Edge”, which looks like Internet Explorer to some customers. Although it is an updated web-browser from Microsoft but does not support all plugins required to play Pogo games. Some players do find the alternated like: Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox to play Pogo games, but unfortunately these browsers do not allow Java games anymore. Internet Explorer 11 is the only web-browser to support all Java and Flash games. “Internet Explorer 11” is pre-installed in every Windows 10 computer that you could find by tapping on “Windows button” in the left side bottom corner and typing Internet explorer. If you find this process tough to follow, then you can call on Pogo Customer Service Number to take help from the

professionals. You can also create a desktop icon for IE 11 by following the instructions:

  1. Tap on Windows Logo in left bottom corner
  2. Type “Internet Explorer”
  3. Right Click on the Internet Explorer
  4. Choose “Open File Location”
  5. Right click on “Internet Explorer”
  6. Tap on “Send to Desktop”

It will create a desktop shortcut for IE 11, wherein you can simply access Pogo.com by opening it from the desktop and enjoy all online games. IE 11 is also preloaded with Flash player plugins and for Java, you can visit at https://java.com/download and install to allow all Java & Flash games. for more information you can visit to the official blogs or Pogo Support and get help and answers.

We love playing online games and cannot tolerate any hindrances while playing. Pogo has millions of online players all around the world, who love playing games on Pogo.com. You can enjoy hundreds of free and paid games through Pogo.com but some technical errors may also interrupt your games. Pogo offers a vast range of online games, which run on java, flash & HTML5 platforms. If you do not know about java & flash games, then contact Pogo Customer Service through Pogo Support Phone Number and consult with the professionals.

pogo support phone number

Your favorite games like: First Class Solitaire, Spades, Scrabble, Canasta, Jungle Gin, Poppit!, Mahjong run on flash player enabled web browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox. You may experience some troubles, if your browser runs on outdated flash player plugins, wherein you can visit at https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ and download the latest flash player to install and enjoy all your favorite games without hassles. Some players may face issues in installing flash player on their web browsers, who can simply take help from Pogo helpline and get it done by experts.

Games like: Bridge, Dice City Roller, High Stakes Pool, Hearts, High Stakes Poker, Golf Solitaire require java enabled browsers to play them. In order to play these games hassle-free, you must download the latest java version on your computer by visiting at https://java.com/en/download/ and install to run the games in uninterrupted mode. Some old computers do create troubles while updating these applications, which can be also rectified by Pogo Customer Support experts available through Pogo helpline number.

Internet Explorer 11 is the latest and most recommended web-browser for Pogo.com games. If you are running an outdated web-browser, may create issues in loading some games, therefore you must update your computer windows OS to keep all the games running glitch-free and for further details & help, contact on Pogo Customer Support Number and get help from the professionals.

Pogo.com users now can get complete support for pogo games by calling on this Support Number, which will directly connect them to the experts and avail the uninterrupted Pogo Help. Our well trained & friendly technical support advisors will listen to your issues and suggest accordingly to keep your games running with no hassles. 1-800-513-4593 is a toll-free phone number for Pogo Customer Support Services, which is available 7 days in a week to serve the customer better and let them enjoy gaming. if you run into any technical error while playing games, then do not worry, on the contrary call on Pogo Customer Service Number 1-800-513-4593 Telephone and get it resolve by the experts.

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Pogo.com is an online gaming portal for all age game lovers. You can enjoy unlimited online as well as offline games . You can play hundreds of free games like puzzle, card, board, word, hidden-objects, bingo, casino, slots, mahjong etc. New users can also contact on Pogo Customer Care Number 1-800-513-4593 Helpline for any information regarding games & related services before signing up. You can register with Pogo.com in couple of minutes for free, without any credit card details and explore all free games. Pogo games can be played on a computer, tablet, iPad & Smartphone devices with the single registration.

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